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Thanks to the in-house developments, LAMP aims at the integration of its licensing portfolio coupled with the supply of the finished product. We collaborate with the major European generic pharmaceutical companies, while distributing medicines worldwide, i.e. Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, Middle East and Asia.

We offer:

  • Licensing-out of developed dossiers (CTD format).
  • Manufacturing by Contract in a GMP environment.
  • Product development by contract or through partnership.
  • R&D services, including galenical & analytical development, scale-up, manufacturing of pilot batches and stability studies.
  • Technology transfer, for up-to-date equipment and technology.

Lamp business team is available to guide you through our services and products (current pipeline, ongoing developments), as well as other business opportunities, always offering an integrated approach, cost awareness and a result driven strategy.

Developping long term partnerships is key for us and we give very much importance to new opportunities!

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