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Lamp has always been able to follow market trends by investing time and financial resources in technological upgrades, paying particular attention to G.M.P rules with specialized and avant-garde equipment.

  • • In 1955: VI.MA (owner of LAMP) was founded in Carpi (Mo), founded by Vincenzi Giuseppe and Mai Sergio, with the aim of manufacturing plastic wrappers for the packaging of pharmaceuticals,
  • Since the 1960s, Lamp has been paying close attention to the pharmaceutical industry, and has taken on a position as a market leader in Italy,
  • In 1963, production of primary pharmaceutical containers (blister-molded aluminum and thermoformed casings for suppositories) was transferred from Carpi to San Prospero. Adopting thus the legal entity name Lamp San Prospero S.p.A.,
  • The Authorization Decree of the Ministry of Health in 1972 made official the activation of the “Officina Farmaceutica” for the third party packaging operations of blister for oral and suppositories devices following the company’s great development on the market and the experience experienced;
  • In 1979, the Ministerial Authorization was extended to the packaging of powders and granules in sachets;
  • In 1996 the company grows further and installs the first powder mixer and obtains the authorization to produce specialties in the form of blends and powders;
  • In 1998, the packaging Oscar for a syringe packaging system and other oral fluids was assigned to Lamp San Prospero in a single-dose package;
  • In 2002, the first fluid bed granulator was installed, obtaining authorization for the production of granules, tablets and capsules;
  • 2011 is a very important year for the company that is licensed for Clinical Trials productions;
  • Over the next few years, Lamp implements SAP’s ERP management system at all Pharmaceutical Works Processes and introduces a new warehouse managed by a Warehouse Manging System (WMS) linked to SAP, which uses guided LGV laser vehicles .